Why shop with us?

Why should you shop with us?

We understand you have many options when it comes to buying things in a store or online, but hope our service, selection and price will make you a customer and keep you coming back.

Some reasons why we think you should shop with us:

  1. FAST SERVICE - We ship orders the same day if paid for before 8am PST or 11am EST (assuming the US Postal Service is open).  Please note that 1st class parcels are SLOW (1 - 2 weeks).  We are NOT a drop shipper like some sellers out there (you tend to see messages like "usually ships in 7-14 days" on those sites) and everything we have in our store shown as in stock, we really do have it IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP.
  2. CAREFUL PACKING - Unlike certain large online stores with massive warehouses which seem to enjoy tossing your nice book or card deck loosely in a box or padded mailer, we take special care when packaging your items during shipment.  We never use padded mailers to ship card decks and try to limit movement of your item during transit.  In addition, if an item has major dings or dents worse than regular shelf wear, we clearly label them and provide individual pictures for that one item (and normally sold with a special discount) so you won't have damaged gifts for yourself or friends.  We've seen this with many stores who simply "don't care" enough.
  3. IN STOCK, READY TO SHIP and FREE SHIPPING - As mentioned above, if something is shown as available in the store, it means we have the item in hand and it's ready to ship.  Some stores sell things they don't have in-stock or entice you to do a pre-order so they "lock-up" your purchase and you end up getting it much later than if you ordered from our store.  We also offer FREE shipping within the USA for all orders over $35.
  4. QUESTIONS? - It's unlikely you can ask a large online warehouse company about any of their specific products.  We want to offer superior service to you and are happy to engage with our customers and help with your questions.  All questions are normally answered within 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  5. PRIVACY - We won't use your name or email and try to sell it off to our 'partners' or 'third parties' who pays the company to push their products on you.  We treat your information like our own and keep it secured and encrypted.
As much as the next person, we all want things for the lowest cost, (free is even better!), but the level of service typically suffers as cost drops.

Even though we feel our prices are competitive, we hope you consider all factors when you purchase items with us or with any store.

If you have any additional questions or if there's anything we can assist you with, feel free to contact us at: support@aplaceformagic.com or use the "Contact" link below.